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The internet has become our platform for modern business. To succeed one must have the dedication and creativity to drive your business, as well as a strong technical foundation. Middle Path Development can bridge that gap, prodiving clear guidance and creating software that will allow your business to grow.

Benjamin Wanicur

I have been professionally developing web applications for the past 10 years. I enjoy working with small businesses and helping them make their dreams a reality. My experience working as a consultant has taught me how to avoid many of the the pitfalls (see my mission statement) that ensare business owners as they try to start or improve their websites.

I am a firm believer in iterative development and keeping my clients in tune with every step of the process. This approach allows me to build what my clients really need and not waste any time or resources.

You can learn more details about my work experience and get in touch with me right here.

Some of my favorite technologies: 
PostgreSQL  MySQL  Ruby  Ruby on Rails  Sinatra  Amazon Web Services  Heroku  Javascript  jQuery  AngularJS  ReactJS  HTML5  CSS3  Bootstrap  Foundation 

Mission Statement

My primary goal is to clear a path towards success for your business. The path that businesses must traverse is littered with failed attempts. There are a myraid of reasons for failure.

I have seen consultants over-engineer solutions that eat up funding and resources before the web application ever sees the light of day. I have also worked on many projects where the original developers did not have the proper skill set to build a solid foundation.

My Pledge:
I will only advocate solutions that give your business the best chance of success. I will never choose a technology for its own sake or just because this is the "right" solution. I will only build software that can move your business forward. For more information, see my blog post here: Finding Effective Consultants.

Work Experience

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